Led Wall Washer Light

  • P5 SGM 36x15W RGBW 4 IN 1 led flood light
P5 SGM 36x15W RGBW 4 IN 1 led flood light

P5 SGM 36x15W RGBW 4 IN 1 led flood light

  • Product description: P5 SGM 36x15W RGBW 4 IN 1 led flood light

36x15W Wireless DMX High power RGBW LEDs Waterproof Wall Washer Stage Light

Rated Voltage:AC100V~240V 50-60HZ
Rated Power: 450W
LED Qty: 36x15W High power RGBW LEDs
LED Drive Current: 1A
Beam Angle: 10°(25°,40°optional)
IP Class: IP65
DMX Mode: 2/3/4/13/16/29CH
Packing Size:585x220x425 mm
Net weight: 13.2Kg
Gross weight:15.5Kg

Product features
Dmx input:3 pin electronic J3F2C-W
Dmx output:3 pin electronic K3F2C-W
Power connection:electronic powerCON in(SAC3MPX)/ powerCON
3 kinds of control model: DMX512,WDMX,Master/slave
2.4G Wireless DMX control
Setting and Addressing:RDM
DMX function:Dimmer,Strobe,RGBW,Macro color,Color jump,Color
fade,Rainbow,Auto Program choice,Auto speed,Curve dimmer
select,Function setting
Stand-alone mode: Color step,Color shade,Auto,Slave,Macro color,Static
color setting, Rainbow,Auto program choice
Housing color:Black
2.4inch TFT color display screen
Refresh rate:3000Hz
Operation temperature:-20°C ~+40°C.
6 Kinds of DMX modes:2/3/4/13/16/29CH
Dimmer mode: 2 kinds
4 kinds of curve dimmer:Linear Dimmer,Square Dimmer,I. Square Dimmer,S-Curve
Display board can be 180°in turn,it can be fitted in different setting
Strobe effect:Plus Random,Ramp up Random,Ramp down Random
Random strobe,Strobe Break Effect,5s......1s,Strobe 0-20Hz
Perfect mixing color and rainbow effect
Cooling system:fan cooling(Auto&high-speed)

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